About Castle Wind

Castle Wind’s mission is to bring a new, renewable energy source – offshore wind – to the California energy market by developing a commercial-scale floating offshore wind farm off the coast of Morro Bay in Central California.

Pioneers in Offshore Wind

Together, Trident Winds and EnBW North America bring decades of experience innovating offshore wind technology and energy solutions – building, owning and operating projects around the world.

Trident Winds

Trident Winds Inc. was established in 2015 to utilize prior permitting expertise in the marine environment for the development of deep-water offshore wind projects using maturing floating offshore wind technologies. The Trident Wind team brings extensive experience in permitting, technology, utilities and energy markets to the Castle Wind LLC.

EnBW North America

EnBW North America partners with communities to establish renewable energy solutions that will deliver lasting economic and environmental benefits to achieve our shared climate goals. We are committed to working together to solve unique energy challenges through collaboration and innovation, designing and building a better energy future for us all.

EnBW North America is the US subsidiary of EnBW AG, a trusted infrastructure partner and global clean energy company committed to leading the energy transition. Over the last decade, EnBW has demonstrated its leadership in offshore wind development through the design, construction, and operation of wind farms around the world. In Germany, we became one of the pioneers of offshore wind when we imagined and built the country’s first commercial offshore wind farm and have since achieved an important industry milestone by securing Europe’s first and largest zero-subsidy offshore wind farm bid. EnBW is now active in offshore wind markets internationally and we are developing projects from North America to the Asia-Pacific region. EnBW proudly builds, owns and operates our projects, holding true to our good neighbor commitments.